By Glen Macnow

Score: 3.5
Price: Palace Classic Burger is $6.75
Location: 39th and Walnut, University City.

How Bobby Flay, a world-famous TV chef, can allow his name to be associated with this place defies logic. I ate here a few years back when the Burger Palace opened to great fanfare and it was . . . okay. Now, it’s run-down, unappetizing and hardly worth the money local college kids spend there.

Our burger came in what appeared to be a Stroehmann roll pulled from the freezer. The burger looked like something shot over the glass at a Flyers game. It was dry, mealy and had little bits of cartilage throughout. It’s no fun eating a burger when you have to keep spitting out little pieces. Oh, and one more thing: American cheese? What good burger place uses American cheese?

Flay should be embarrassed by “Bobby’s Burger Palace.” Other than a decent – and cheap – beer selection, there’s no reason to spend your money here.

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