By Glen Macnow

Score: 6.4
Price: A “Charlie’s Special” with cheese, fried onions, tomato and pickles was just $2.95.
Location: 336 Kedron Avenue, Folsom

Step into Charlie’s and you’re stepping back in time – 1935 to be exact, when Charlie’s opened and probably last decorated. The prices are a throwback as well. It’s tough to spend more than ten bucks here.

The burgers are tasty, albeit thin as a tomato slice. You can order two and not feel like a glutton. The cheese was the highlight, actually: Hand cut behind the counter from an orange block that the burger flipper called “Velveeta,” but sure tasted like Wisconsin cheddar to us. My overall takeaway was that a Charlie’s burger reminded me of how much I loved the first McDonald’s burger I ate around age five. I don’t know if McDonald’s changed or my taste did, but Charlie’s was evocative in a good way.

Other notes: They make the milkshakes with Bassett’s ice cream, which is a plus. Oh, and the Pepsi we ordered was flat. Charlie’s has been around for 79 years, and here’s wishing them another 79.

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