By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – BOING! As the last of the deep snow was melting away the other day I stepped out to check on some shrubs that had been buried under snow since January. Since they’re less than three feet high, I hadn’t even seen the tops of them in weeks and I was worried that these little evergreen hollies might have broken branches or browned leaves. But nope, they look just fine.

Native to our area, inkberry hollies, Latin name (Ilex glabra) seem to shrug off the snow and cold quite easily.

As I was standing there snapping photos of how well they’d survived, I could see a few branches still pinned down by snow at the tips – giving me a glimpse of how burdened they’d been by the weight of having so much white stuff on them for weeks on end. And as if to prove their resilience, while I was there, one of those bent branches released itself from the snow that had held it down so long and bounced back up perfectly into place.

Further proof of just how well so many plants can spring back – no matter how harsh the winter.

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