PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dick Morris and Gary R’Nel spoke with Philadelphia Inquirer Reporter Craig McCoy, who co-authored their story last week about Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane halting an investigation that allegedly caught many politicians, including some high ranking Democrats, accepting bribes.

He explained how the case initially drew the attention of federal investigators.

“Frank Fina, the Deputy A.G. who launched this thing became concerned that the Attorney General had a conflict and he took it to the feds on his own initiative. As it turns out, it’s very complicated, the undercover agent, almost a year before he was flipped had been involved in an illegal campaign transaction involving someone who was a political supporter of Kane’s. Now, there’s no indication that Kane knew about it, but in Fina’s mind, at least, he thought this posed a conflict,” he stated

McCoy said he was shocked when he learned that Kane has procured an attorney to consider a defamation suit against the paper.

“I was really surprised at that. I’ve never seen that happen in my career with these kinds of stories, particularly as state wide elected official. It was odd. When she showed for the meeting she requested with our editorial board, there was a long pre-amble by her attorney and the room thought it was just sort of a set up before she would begin answering questions and talking to us. We were really flabbergasted at the end when he said ‘we’re not talking today,” he said.

McCoy, who has not heard any of the over 400 hours of recordings produced by the investigation is unsure if they should be released to the public.

“They raise very difficult issues. The right of the voters, absolutely, to know what happened. But there is the right of the people on the tapes. We’re just in a very peculiar space. They have not been charged. I’m not quite sure. I don’t think it’s an easy call,” McCoy stated.

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