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By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some of my favorite things I saw while shopping at the Flower Show were rectangular vases that were so narrow, the flowers stand up in them in neat rows, single file. That makes flower-arranging super simple because instead of flopping around, the stems stay in a straight line for a clean, modern look that has a lot of impact.

There are pricier versions with metal bases or more affordable ones in plain glass, but whatever you spend on the vase, you can end up saving money on flowers because you don’t need many blooms to fill it.

They were even displayed with stalks of asparagus, orange slices, radish rounds, and artfully-arranged hot peppers – all of which stayed perfectly in place because of the shape of the vase, so you could pretty much use anything from your refrigerator or garden.

Check out the photo here and you might want a rectangular vase to turn a handful of flowers or veggies into a centerpiece in seconds.

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