PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Though the Super Bowl is a big deal, the amount of time watching the game doesn’t compare to the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. So many games over such a short period of time seems like it may be causing men to take any tact they can to have an excuse to watch it all.

A report from CNN says that some doctors see a correlation between March Madness, and when men schedule vasectomies.

“We do have (in March) typically about 50% more vasectomies than in other months,” Dr. Ed Sabanegh, chairman of the Department of Urology at the Cleveland Clinic said to CNN. “A lot of patients come in and say, ‘I have to have this during March Madness, you have to talk to my wife about it. Tell her what my limitations are and that I need to be on the couch.’ They’ll even tell us to exaggerate a little about how long it takes to recover.”

The obsession over the basketball tournament started Sunday night, when the teams and seedings were announced for this year’s edition. Then the filling out of brackets for office pools and online contests begins, and lasts until Thursday and Friday, when the real games, and couch time, begin (the ‘first four’ play-in games are played Tuesday and Wednesday).

The American Urological Association told CNN that they see no correlation between basketball and a man’s decision to get a vasectomy. “The AUA does not have data showing any link between March Madness and an increase in the number of vasectomies performed,” the AUA said in a statement to CNN.

Read the entire story on March Madness and vasectomies at CNN.COM.

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