By Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — CBS 3 has learned a suspect charged with abducting, beating and repeatedly raping a woman on a North Philadelphia street is being investigated to determine if he is a serial killer.

An exclusive I-Team Investigation now reveals accused rapist Jimmie Mosley allegedly threatened his victim, telling her, “(expletive)..I killed 6 people before. What makes you think I won’t kill you?”

Mosley allegedly abducted the woman off the street February 1st near Broad and Somerset Sts. He’s accused of holding her captive for nearly an hour, raping her repeatedly, knotting a belt around her neck and placing a plastic bag over her head.

Police say she finally escaped after spotting a police car. The officers,who heard her screams, chased and caught Mosley.

Sources tell CBS 3 that after entering a DNA sample from Mosley into the national CODIS database, they found a match to a sex assault murder in Jacksonville, Florida.

They also plan to question the suspect about 2 similar murders there.

As of now Mosley, who has a long record of arrests in the Jacksonville area, has not been charged with any of the murders there.

Investigators and prosecutors in Jacksonville declined comment.

Police here confirm they are reexamining unsolved rapes and murders in the area where Mosley was arrested. So far, they say, they have found no DNA matches to any other crimes in our area.

Mosley is now being held in one million dollars bail.

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