Looking Back On Pope Francis’ First Year At The Vatican

(Pope Francis, in file photo by Franco Origlia/ Getty Images)

(Pope Francis, in file photo by Franco Origlia/ Getty Images)

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By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Today marks the one-year anniversary of the election of Pope Francis as leader of the world’s Roman Catholics.

A little-known cardinal from Argentina took the name of a beloved saint whose life stood for humility and simplicity.

And, in the year he has been shepherd, Pope Francis has set a new tone for a church rocked in recent years by scandal and division.

Rocco Palmo is a Philadelphia-based journalist who writes about the papacy.

“So, beyond that humility, beyond that common touch is that sense of determination saying: ‘I’m setting the bar for myself even higher, but I have the faith and the trust and the confidence in myself that I can clear it.'”

Palmo says while some criticize the slow pace of reform, he says it’s clear the pope will tread gently, but deliberately with change.