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By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Sixers have lost 15 straight games, with 21 to play. There are only two players, that are for sure, solid NBA players. The rest of the roster is made up of guys named Henry Sims and (GASP!) Byron Mullens. So it’s a fair question that many have asked; could the Sixers lose the rest of their games?

36 losses in a row would set the NBA record by a mile. The previous record of 26 straight losses was set by the Lebron James-vacated Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2010-2011 season. Even the 72-73 Sixers peaked at 20 straight losses, though they also had a streak of 19 losses in a row as well.

So could they do it? Well, the odds aren’t that long.

According to Bovada, the odds on the Sixers losing the rest of their games is 3-1. To put it in perspective, at 33-1 odds, it is 10 times more likely than the Flyers winning the Stanley Cup.

The Sixers have the worst net-efficiency rating in the NBA, and the worst point differential. Even though the Bucks have fewer wins, the Sixers lost to those same Bucks by 20 points just a couple of weeks ago.

Bovada also says the Sixers will likely be underdogs in every game remaining on their schedule.

“After looking at the rest of the schedule for the Philadelphia 76ers, it is possible that they will not be favored in any games for the rest of the regular season,” Kevin Bradley, Bovada.lv Sportsbook Manager said. “We currently have them projected as small underdogs for their home game against Utah on Saturday. Seeing as Utah is probably one of the weaker teams left on their schedule, and they are still not favorites to win, we think the Sixers may be barking the rest of the season.”

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