PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Hate your job? You should probably read this article.

CareerBliss released its 2014 list of the 20 happiest jobs in America earlier in February after analyzing 57,000 reviews in its database for 450 different job titles. Professionals across industries rated how they felt about eight factors, including work-life balance, work environment and relationships with co-workers.

So, what profession is the happiest?

Perhaps surprisingly, research/teaching assistants ranked the most cheerful, followed by QA analysts and then realtors – and that’s despite making far less, on average, than most of the professions listed.

According to CareerBliss, however, research assistants are happy because of the people they work with, organizational culture and work freedom – three factors that are very important to overall contentment.

Other jobs to make the CareerBliss cut include HR manager (7), construction manager (11) and IT Consultant (19).

Journalism and media jobs are noticeably absent from the list.

To see the full list of the 20 happiest jobs for 2014, click here.

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