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By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Helping families going through hard times is the mission of a charitable South Jersey couple. The couple jokingly calls their project Just Two Boring People, but the couple is serious about pulling together people for good.

In September, five-year-old Liam was diagnosed with leukemia and hospitalized for three weeks without insurance. A bill sent to his mother, Lauren Lindsey, totaled more than $400,000.

“And in my lifetime I will never be able to pay that amount of money,” Lauren said.

Teddy and Allison Munz heard about Liam through fliers at their gym, Royal Fitness. They didn’t know Lauren, but they did know how to collect for charity. Their first project was a sandwich drive for the homeless.

“We got so much peanut butter and jelly dropped on our doorstep on a daily basis, it was insane,” Teddy Munz said.

Surprised by their success, Teddy and Allison kept using social media to raise money for causes. They call themselves Just Two Boring People “because we want to emphasize the fact that everyone can do this,” Teddy said.

To help Liam, they reached out to businesses like Empire Tattoo, where artists like Kristel Oreto will hold a tattoo party March 30.

“I am going to be doing tattoos all day that are palm size, which is three inches by three inches,” she explained.

Customers will pay a bargain $150. Every cent goes to the cause.

“Just Two Boring People is not just us. It’s a lot of people,” Teddy said.

Liam now has health insurance. His mother is applying for a charitable break on the hospital bill, but she’ll still have expenses as Liam goes through years of chemotherapy.

“Refreshing that there are good people in the world,” she said. Even if they’re “just boring.”

Just Two Boring People can be reached at 856-857-4042 or on their Instagram page, www.instagram.com/justtwoboringpeople

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