By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The biggest cell phone show in the world is going on this week in Barcelona. Apple isn’t there, but nearly every other mobile maker is.

Samsung is among those unveiling new products.

(Samsung’s JK Shin:) “The Samsung Galaxy S5.”

For the previous Galaxy, Samsung put on a Broadway performance. Less showy in Spain (if you discount the full orchestra) for the S5, which the company’s J.K. Shin says mirrors their philosophy for this flagship phone.

“Our consumers do not want eye-popping technology or the most complex technology. Our consumers want durable design and performance. Our consumers want a simple yet powerful camera. Our consumers want faster and seamless connectivity. And our consumers want a phone that can help them stay fit,” Shin said.

Among the Galaxy’s features, Samsung’s Jean-Daniel Ayme stresses longer battery life:

“It boasts 10 hours of web surfing with an LTE connection. Even longer — twelve hours of video playback. That’s a lot of cat videos,” Ayme said.

A 16-megapixel camera:

“You’ll be able to capture the moment in just 0.3 seconds — this is the fastest-ever autofocus for a smartphone.”

With many other devices, if you drop them in a puddle or the toilet:

“C’est la vie. But this is not a problem anymore.”

That’s because Ayme says the Galaxy S5 is water-resistant.

“Watch a video in the tub, sing along your playlist in the shower, don’t worry about the rain,” Ayme.

It also a heart rate sensor to keep track of fitness. Like the new iPhone, it has a fingerprint reader in place of a password.

The Galaxy S5 goes on sale on April 11.

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