PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police have charged a suspect in the attempted abduction of a nine-year-old girl Thursday night.

CBS 3’s Steve Patterson talked to the young victim.

The incident happened at about 5:50 p.m. in the 3700 block of N. 5th Street in the city’s Hunting Park neighborhood.

“All he said was ‘come here,’” the young girl said.

She’s only nine-years-old, but those are two words the young girl is likely to remember the rest of her life.

“I’m happy that they said he’s locked up,” she said.

According to police, “He” is 24-year-old Jose Ferriera, now in custody facing charges for attempted abduction.

Jose Ferreira. (credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

Jose Ferreira. (credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

She says she was walking from this corner store to her home just a few feet away across 5th Street when he approached and said those two words.

“The man came and he had grabbed me and I pushed away and I ran and screamed.”

Police say that’s Ferriera in this surveillance video, right before the girl breaks away, runs back in the store and screams for help.

Neighbors say they heard Brianna screaming, that’s when they got involved, found the man on the street, chased him down the block and that’s when her father says he had to get involved as well.

“I just know my daughter was in danger, and as a father I’m here to protect her.”

Donald Chavis says he ran to help pin the man down when he heard the commotion, but credits neighbors for listening to his daughter.

“It feels good that we have neighbors to look out for our little ones out here,” he said.

And he credits his daughter for doing the right thing. Running back to the store — the shortest distance to help and causing a fuss loud enough to call for action.

“She knew what to do and I’m grateful for that because some kids don’t scream and holler,” he said.

“If I didn’t do that then I would be still with that man,” the young girl said.

Her chilling words so calmly stated after she may have saved her own life.

During the early morning hours, Ferreira of Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with Attempted Kidnapping, Unlawful Restraint, False Imprisonment, Simple Assault and related offenses.

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