6:42 A New Jersey high school wrestling team is being investigated after posting a controversial photo of a practice dummy hanging from a noose.

7:11 A couple who refused to get their sick children medical attention have been sentenced to prison.

7:40 Chris talks to comedian Ted Alexandro prior to his appearances this weekend at Helium Comedy Club.

7:57 Investors Business Daily: Republicans should allow Maureen Faulkner to testify before a vote to confirm President Obama’s latest Justice Department nominee.

8:12 Chris talks to author Charlie Leduff about his new book Detroit: An American Autopsy.

8:26 Police are looking for a suspect that tried to kiss two women after helping them clear snow from their cars.

8:28 The average cost of a home in Philadelphia is just under $37,000.

8:42 President Obama called for the government and Ukrainian protesters to stop the violence.

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