Looking For Love? Don’t Drive A ‘Chick Car’ Or A Green Minivan

By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you spent Valentine’s Day dateless, relax: It’s not you, it’s your car.

According to a new survey from Insure.com, the most attractive men drive black pickups, while the most attractive ladies are behind the wheel of a red sports car.

Of 2,000 people surveyed back in January, Insure.com says that 32% of women rated pickup trucks the most attractive car for a man to drive, followed by sports cars (27%) and SUVs (16%). Black was the favorite color for men, and Ford, Chevy and Porsche were the top brands.

On the other hand, men ranked women in sports cars the hottest (39%) followed by girls in sedans (22%). Red was the top color, and BMW and Mercedes were the most attractive cars to men.

“The findings strike me as very accurate,” Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of Chicago-based Cars.com, told Insure.com. “Among the general public, a black pickup truck is a reflection of a masculine owner. A woman walks up to a black pickup truck and says to herself, ‘Here’s a guy who can help me move, bring me large gifts from Crate & Barrel and do repairs around my condo.'”

Um, okay.

Meanwhile, senior analyst for Edmunds.com Jessica Caldwell called “chick cars” the worst for male drivers.

“I would think twice about dating a guy driving a VW Beetle, or anything labeled a chick car,” she says. “Telling your friends, ‘Yeah, my new boyfriend drives a VW Beetle,’ that would be very humiliating.”

And for guys, a date’s dealbreaker ride would be a green minivan, the car that ranked the least attractive from a masculine perspective.

One final interesting find? One-percent of women polled found mail trucks (yes, really) to be the most attractive car for a man to drive.

To read more about the survey, click here.

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