By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the passing of Jim Fregosi over the weekend, people turned fondly to memories of the ’93 Phillies.  I certainly was one of them. It was the first team that DJ and Luke really took to and understood and rooted them through 162 games and an upset playoff series victory over the Braves that we had great seats for. That team gave me as much if not more than even the Phillies great championship team of 2008.

In addition to the kids, my listeners and I on the overnight show on WWDB shared our nightly feelings about the team. One woman was so nervous because of Mitch Williams’ wildness that she told me the only relief she had was to vacuum the whole house when he pitched.

This team was beloved because it exceeded expectations and because it was a team of characters. Daulton, Kruk, Holland, the Wild Thing, Schilling, Lennie all  were bigger than life. These guys were not exactly friends of the media so it’s ironic that several of them like Kruk, Williams, Schilling, Daulton have become media commentators. I worked with Mitch and Dutch in covering various Phillies playoff runs.

So for all these reasons, this team and its players will be not only remembered but embraced. It’s the Philadelphia Way.

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