NETHER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP, Pa., (CBS) –– The winter weather just keeps on coming.

We’re not even over the last storm — and now it’s time for more.

For the first time in nearly a week, everyone here tonight for the first time has had their power fully restored.  But, this winter just keeps on presenting more challenges.

The need is constant.

Customer after customer came looking for firewood, rock salt, and perhaps a little hope this storm won’t be as nasty as the last one.

“I got burned out from shoveling all the other snow form before so this last snow I didn’t quite shovel it off so I want to get all the ice off before the next snow hits,” Richard Chamovitz of Tredyffrin Township said.

Some stores are sold out and others are running low on salt.

Lou Muth owns Do It Best Hardware in Wayne.

He says his salt supplies are steady, but going fast.

“We limited it to 10 bags per person. At 10 bags per person we did almost 40 skids today,” he said.

Out in the Midwest states, road crews running low on salt are using beet juice.

The additive helps the salt stick to the road longer and stretch supplies.

Other alternatives for people who can’t find rock salt include kitty litter, sand, or any kind of grains.

Muth says they may not melt salt, but they will help with traction.

And you can always use plain old table salt in a pinch.

“Salt is salt, its just how crystallized it is,” he said.  “So there’s ways to get around it.”

Muth also says fertilizer helps. Although it won’t help melt the ice, but it certainly will help you keep your footing as you head out the door.

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