By Tim Jimenez

HUNTINGTON VALLEY, Pa. (CBS) — A lot of trees came down from this week’s ice storm, causing power outages and dangerous situations for many in our area.

The cleanup continues, and a local tree expert says there is still a long way to go.

Lou Giroud, president of Giroud Tree and Lawn, in Montgomery County, says in their 40 years of business this week’s storm ranks in the top three.

And as they continue field calls 24/7, he says, the cleanup has just begun.

“Very, very widespread,” he says of the damage.  “And I think the one big thing is that we don’t even know the extent of it yet because the snow hides a lot of the cracks and so forth in the trees.  Frankly, I think we’re going to be cleaning up from this for the next several months.”

He thinks they’ve got several months of work ahead.  But for the future, he adds, damage to property can be limited with preventive measures.

“A lot of the trees we see going down are white pine trees, “Giroud says, “and the customers that we have that maybe every two or three years prune their white pine trees back, don’t have nearly as much damage as the people who don’t touch the trees at all.”

He says it’s better — and safer — to pay for tree service before a storm like this one comes along.

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