By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There seem to be two sides to silver…at least in the garden.

While some gardeners just don’t like the look of greyish leaves at all, many say silver is second to none – they love the luster of dusty miller, the shimmering softness of Artemisia silver mound, and the frostiness of painted ferns.

Silvery foliage can be a simple way to invigorate a garden design – adding contrast among lush greenery, it not only glimmers to brighten dark spots during the day, but also glows and dances in the dark on moonlit nights.

There are plenty of ways silver can dress up a winter garden too; from the bark of beech trees to glistening icy branches after a freezing rain. And all winter long you can enjoy one of my favorites – the silvery sweaters on magnolia buds, soft fuzzy coverings that protect them from the cold. Plush as pussy willows, the magnolia’s silvery buds are really second in beauty only to the flowers they hide safely inside until spring.

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