PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The start and the end of Riley Cooper’s 2013 season couldn’t have gone any differently.

Cooper’s season started amidst controversy, when a YouTube video surfaced showing Cooper using racial slurs directed at an African-American security guard at a Kenny Chesney concert. Though the decision was a polarizing one, the Eagles decided to keep Cooper.

It wasn’t until Nick Foles stepped in as starting quarterback did Cooper’s season turn around. The fourth-year wide receiver finished with a career high 47 catches, 835 yards and eight touchdowns, shattering previous highs in every category. Now an unrestricted free agent, Cooper couldn’t have had a great season at a better time.

So has time healed the wounds that Cooper caused within the team? Running back LeSean McCoy thinks both time, and Cooper, has been enough for him to be forgiven.

LISTEN: LeSean McCoy interviewed by the CBS Sports Radio Morning Show

“It was tough because guys like myself, I’m friends with Riley Cooper,” McCoy told the CBS Sports Radio Morning Show on Friday. “I’ve played with him for four years. So on and off the field, we have a relationship. So I had to go back to that.”

“I know Riley, and we talked about it. Because when he said it, I was so angry with him. I was like, ‘I know this guy. This is how you feel about me?’ You have (those) thoughts. And then you really sit down and talk to him and you see what really happened. He said some things he didn’t mean. He said he was angry, he definitely was drunk and he got into it with a guy and he said some things he didn’t mean. And I understand it because I say some things that I might not mean.

“I don’t think he’s racist or anything like that. All the guys I talk to, they love Riley. He’s a good dude. He (just) made a mistake.”


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