By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–The wave of baby boomers hitting retirement poses a challenge to society, but also to each boomer, summed up with “All right, now what do I do?”

A retired Philadelphia college professor has some pointers for women.

We hear a lot about quality of life, often in a medical context, but its other applications are key questions in the book “The New Senior Woman.”

Co-author Thelma Reese says successful elderhood is less about finances, education or even health than keeping alive a hunger for life.

Reese, who blogs on the website, says the book is aimed not only at those past mid-life now but those who intend to be someday.

“A woman in her 50’s or 60’s can look ahead to maybe 30 years of active engagement and life, and what are they going to do with that? And when they see what other people do with it, they can plan, they can think ahead, they can think beyond what they’re doing today.”

Reese and her co-author also plan a similar book on elder men options.

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