By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police are asking for your help to find several armed robbery suspects.

They are terrorizing workers in Southwest Philadelphia.

CBS 3’s Natasha Brown spoke with two of their victims.

Philadelphia police are telling CBS 3 that these suspects are growing more and more brazen with every robbery. Five just in the last few days, some just minutes apart.

It’s business as usual now at Stacey’s Pizza in Southwest Philadelphia, but reminders of the night before are fresh in this employee’s mind.

“We were ready to close up. The guy walked in with a gun and said this how we are going to do this. I put my hands up. He said open the drawer. He reached over, took the money out and they left,” the employee said.

The brazen hooded robbers walked in with a gun demanding money. Brittany never hesitated.

“I was scared, really scared. I didn’t want to get shot,” she said.

Little did she know Stacey’s Pizza was the third gunpoint robbery for these suspects Thursday night within a 50 minute time span. Two others occurred on Saturday, one at this Subway, the other at this hibachi restaurant.

“It looks like they’re stealing cars, they’re probably going to these businesses, seeing who’s alone, and it looks like they’re targeting females in all five of these cases,” Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police said.

“He whispered to me, ‘Don’t say nothing, I’m about to rob y’all,’” another employee said.

This female employee at Gold Star Restaurant at 47th and Wood didn’t want to be identified, but she bravely talked the suspects out of robbing her.

“I’m like we don’t got no money. We broke. What you going to get out of robbing a pizza store? We got $100. What you going to do with a hundred dollars?”

All five businesses had cameras, some catching vivid images of the suspects.

Police tell CBS 3 they’re looking for anywhere between two to five suspects involved in this gun-toting robbery ring.

Two female suspects, ages 18 and 19, are now in police custody.

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