By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’ve driven the Vine Street Expressway and parts of the Schuylkill after sunset over the past couple months, you might have noticed fewer lights along the way. It’s a problem that PennDOT and PECO have been working to fix.

“The cables providing service to the lighting that illuminates the Vine Street Expressway are underground,” says PECO spokesman Ben Armstrong, who explains a bad splice on those buried cables and a blown fuse led to a dark drive early last month. “We have resolved these issues and these lights are back again illuminating the expressways.”

Not so farther west — on the Schuylkill, where the lights have been unreliable from Vine to City Avenue. That’s not a PECO but instead a PennDOT issue.

They’ve had to hire contractors to deal with what officials say are “some circuit issues” caused by worn-out electrical wires or animals nesting and gnawing.

PennDOT says crews are troubleshooting now, and hope to get things glowing again by the end of next week.

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