By David Madden

By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–When you hear the term “e-ticket” you probably don’t think of the cops. But one South Jersey town is taking traffic tickets to a new, high tech level.

Police in Cherry Hill have been trying out electronically issued tickets for the last few months. Now all 50 patrol cars will be equipped with a computer and printer. Offenders will still get that piece of paper, but township spokesman Bridget Palmer says this change will streamline things a great deal.

“They take your driver’s license, scan the license. It automatically inputs all of the information and simultaneously uploads it to both police records and municipal court.”

The process cuts costs and time for the township.

While it won’t make any difference in making a case against a driver, it will prevent any ambiguity over what the charges might be.

After all, handwriting isn’t always clear.

Look for the changes to be phased in over the next few months.

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