3 Officers Injured Breaking Up Fight In Oxford Circle

By Tim Jimenez and Todd Quinones

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Three police officers were injured after trying to break up an after-school fight in Northeast Philadelphia. Five students are now in police custody.

Surveillance video shows dozens of students darting into traffic across Summerdale Avenue as the fight broke out near Brill Street.

Chopper 3 was up over the scene shortly after officers could be heard requesting more help.

Cell phone video recorded shortly after the fight ended, and after the officers were injured, shows police making one arrest.

The brawl happened just before 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon as other students were coming home from school.

“He was running down the street and the officer was chasing him and he turned around and hit the officer. He turned down and ran towards Summerdale,” one student said.

Witnesses indicate the initial fight was between two girls and it quickly spread.

A spokesperson from the Philadelphia School District tells CBS3 the fight also involved two Philadelphia School District police officers who were working at nearby Fels High School.

During dismissal, those officers spotted students from another school in the area and when they tried to move those students along, the students began fighting with the two school district officers and a Philadelphia police officer — and chaos apparently ensued.

“It was like a little scuffle thing between people and people bring people and that’s what happened right here,” Kydaire Bennett of Summerdale said.

Students from Dobbins, Olney and Fels high schools got involved in a brawl, says School District Chief Inspector Carl Holmes.

“This appeared to be a mutual fistfight that occurred when Philadelphia Police and school police stepped in to break it up. They were assaulted by both groups of males. There were several injuries,” Holmes said.

The officers were rushed to Jeanes Hospital where they were treated for cuts and bruises.

There are indications injuries to the Philadelphia police officer’s mouth may be extensive. The other two officers are expected to be fine.

Two students were also hurt in the melee. Holmes says five students were taken into custody but they’re looking for others.

“Several students ran during the incident after assaulting police personnel,” Holmes said.

Of the students arrested, two are from Fels and two are from Dobbins High School.

There is no word on what led to the fight. Holmes says they’ll beef up security around Fels High.

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