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NFL Championship Weekend Odds And Prop Bets

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Seattle Seahawks are the favorites to win the Super Bowl, and the Denver Broncos are not far behind.

The Seahawks are 2/1 favorites to win it all, and the Broncos are the next likely at 21/10, according to Bovada. The 49ers are 11/4 odds, and the Patriots are the longest shot at 17/4.

Prior to the season, the Broncos and 49ers were co-favorites to win the Super Bowl.

The longest shot as an outcome of the game is the Patriots beating the 49ers, at 9/1. The shortest odds is that the Seahawks beat the Broncos, at 3/1.

Below is a full list of odds and prop bets, courtesy of Bovada.

Odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII         
Seattle Seahawks                      2/1
Denver Broncos                        21/10
San Francisco 49ers                  11/4
New England Patriots                17/4
2014 Super Bowl XLVIII – Exact Matchup         
Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos                           13/10
Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots                   7/2
San Francisco 49ers vs. Denver Broncos                       5/2
San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots               5/1
2014 Super Bowl XLVIII – Exact Outcome        
Seattle Seahawks beat Denver Broncos                         3/1
Denver Broncos beat Seattle Seahawks                         7/2
Seattle Seahawks beat New England Patriots                 11/2
Denver Broncos beat San Francisco 49ers                     11/2
San Francisco 49ers beat Denver Broncos                     11/2
San Francisco 49ers beat New England Patriots             15/2
New England Patriots beat Seattle Seahawks                 9/1
New England Patriots beat San Francisco 49ers             9/1
SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Early Line        
AFC      +2½     
NFC      -2½     
SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Will it snow during the game? 
Yes                  +150     (3/2)
No                    -200     (1/2)
SUPER BOWL XLVIII – What will be the temperature at Kickoff?          
Over/Under                   32 degrees Fahrenheit              
Conference Championship Props
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Which game will have higher TV Rating?           
Patriots vs. Broncos                  -300     (1/3)
49ers vs. Seahawks                   +200     (2/1)
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Which market will have highest TV rating?        
Denver                                      1/2       
Seattle                                      3/1       
New England                             5/1       
San Francisco                           5/1       
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – What will be the highest decibel level shown on TV during the 49ers/Seahawks game?           
Over/Under                               135½
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – How many False Start Penalties will the 49ers have in the game?           
Over/Under                               2
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – What will be higher in the game?
Patriots Passing Yards              -99½
Patriots Rushing Yards              +99½
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Will either game go to Overtime?           
Yes                  +500     (5/1)
No                    -1000    (1/10)
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Will there be a Successful 2-Point Conversion in either game?  
Yes                  +250     (5/2)
No                    -400     (1/4)
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Will any Seahawk Player kiss his bicep after he scores a TD in the game? 
Yes                  +500     (5/1)
No                    -1000    (1/10)
Conference Championship Stats Leaders
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Who will record the most Passing Yards?         
Peyton Manning (DEN) QB                    2/3
Tom Brady (NE) QB                               2/1
Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB                      6/1
Russell Wilson (SEA) QB                       6/1
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Who will record the most Rushing Yards?         
Marshawn Lynch (SEA) RB                    6/5
Knowshon Moreno (DEN) RB                 5/2
LeGarrette Blount (NE) RB                     11/4
Frank Gore (SF) RB                               4/1
CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIALS – Who will record the most Receiving Yards?
Demaryius Thomas (DEN) WR               7/2
Julian Edelman (NE) WR                        4/1
Anquan Boldin (SF) WR                         9/2
Eric Decker (DEN) WR                           11/2
Michael Crabtree (SF) WR                      11/2
Wes Welker (DEN) WR                          6/1
Percy Harvin (SEA) WR                         9/1
Golden Tate (SEA) WR                          9/1
New England Patriots at Denver Broncos
New England Patriots               +4        +185     O 56
Denver Broncos                       -4        -225     U 56
Total Passing Yards – Tom Brady (NE)
Over/Under                   269½
Total TD Passes – Tom Brady (NE)       
Over                             1½  (-180, 5/9)
Under                           1½ (+150, 3/2)
Total Rushing Yards – LeGarrette Blount (NE)  
Over/Under                   72½
Total TD’s in the game – LeGarrette Blount (NE)           
0                                  6/5       
1                                  7/5       
2                                  3/1       
3 or more                      9/1       
Total Receiving Yards – Julian Edelman (NE)  
Over/Under                   79½
Total Receptions – Julian Edelman (NE)          
Over/Under                   6½
Total Passing Yards – Peyton Manning (DEN)  
Over/Under                   320½
Total TD Passes – Peyton Manning (DEN)          
Over                             3 (+110, 11/10)
Under                           3  (-140, 5/7)
Total Rushing Yards – Knowshon Moreno (DEN)         
Over/Under                   77½
Total Receiving Yards – Demaryius Thomas (DEN)      
Over/Under                   82½
Total Receptions – Demaryius Thomas (DEN)  
Over/Under                   5½
Total Receiving Yards – Wes Welker (DEN)      
Over/Under                   62½
Total Receptions – Wes Welker (DEN)  
Over/Under                   6
Historical Matchup – Which will be higher?     
Tom Brady Passing Yards November 24th 2013 vs. Denver (344 Yds)                 -74½   
Tom Brady Passing Yards in the Conference Championship game                       +74½   
Historical Matchup – Which will be higher?     
Peyton Manning Passing Yards November 24th 2013 vs. New England (150 Yards)          +169.5
Peyton Manning Passing Yards in the Conference Championship game                           -169.5             
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers     +3        +155     O 39
Seattle Seahawks         -3        -175     U 39
Total Passing Yards – Colin Kaepernick (SF)   
Over/Under                   190½
Total TD Passes – Colin Kaepernick (SF)         
Over                             1½ (+160, 8/5)
Under                           1½  (-200, 1/2)
Total Rushing Yards – Colin Kaepernick (SF)   
Over/Under                   35½
Total Rushing Yards – Frank Gore (SF)            
Over/Under                   67½
Total Receiving Yards – Anquan Boldin (SF)    
Over/Under                   62½
Total Receptions – Anquan Boldin (SF)            
Over/Under                   5
Total Receiving Yards – Michael Crabtree (SF)
Over/Under                   55½
Total Receptions – Michael Crabtree (SF)         
Over/Under                   5
Will Vernon Davis (SF) score a TD in the game?         
Yes                              +140     (7/5)     
No                                -160     (5/8)
Total Passing Yards – Russell Wilson (SEA)    
Over/Under                   200½
Total TD Passes – Russell Wilson (SEA)          
Yes                              +140     (7/5)     
No                                -160     (5/8)
Total Rushing Yards – Russell Wilson (SEA)   
Over/Under                   30½
Total Rushing Yards – Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
Over/Under                   89½
Who will have more Rushing Yards in the game?       
Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB          -2½                 
Russell Wilson (SEA) QB           +2½                 
Which team will record more Sacks in the game?       
San Francisco 49ers                  -125      (4/5)
Seattle Seahawks                      EVEN   (1/1)

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