PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Work is called “work” for a reason, but who couldn’t use a little more happiness on the job?

Inc. Magazine put together a “science-based” list of 10 ways to be a little bit happier at work with the help of social media scheduling tool Buffer‘s content creator, Belle Beth Cooper.

The first recommendation? Try to go outside more. Fresh air is medicine, and studies have found that just 20 minutes outside can boost your memory.

Apparently, you should keep your eye on the thermometer too, because happiness is maximized at 57 degrees.

Another one? Spend time with family and friends. Research shows it even makes introverts happier.

Speaking of other people, you should also volunteer, as making others happy will, in turn, make you happy. The recommended number is 100 hours a year of volunteer work.

You could also cut your commute by moving closer to work. Even if you give up a bigger house, a shorter commute will make you happier on the job.

Plan a vacation, or at least a break with friends. Even a simple night out with friends may do the trick.

Make a list of things you are grateful for to remind you about the good stuff in your life.

Try to get more shut eye — you’ll be less sensitive to swinging emotions.

Finally, meditate. Even just a few minutes of clearing your mind could improve your outlook on life.

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