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PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Chris Stigall discussed the challenges Hillary Clinton will face if she attempts to win the Presidency in 2016 with Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women’s Forum.

In an interview that aired on Talk Radio WPHT, Stigall suggested to Trotter that the foundation of Clinton’s candidacy is based solely on gender saying, “people are touting Hillary Clinton largely because of the historic nature of her being a woman.”

Trotter added that the political left’s agenda has actually damaged working women by opposing ideas like comp time and flex time, so Clinton’s claim that the clock is moving backward for women is hypocritical because, “this can all be squarely laid at Hillary’s feet because she has been advocating these things for decades.”

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In discussing the consequences of the Affordable Care Act on Clinton’s future Trotter told Stigall that her original healthcare plan, “required most employers to provide health insurance to their employees and an individual mandate which required almost all American citizens to buy a product forced on them by the government, or else pay a fine.”

When assessing the evolution of the debate over healthcare Trotter claimed, “Obamacare is really Hillarycare. If you like Obama, you will love Hillary care.”

Therefore, in any future election, whether it will be in the nomination process or in a campaign for President, both believe Clinton will have a hard time answering questions about why she supported the most unpopular aspects of President Obama’s healthcare law.

In sum, Trotter offered that Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice to be the next President based on her policies aimed at women and her ideas for healthcare reform, telling Stigall “the facts argue against her qualifications, the facts of her record argue against her being a good nominee and being a good president.”

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