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Weather Blog: January Thaw

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By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Who doesn’t love a January thaw?

We had a lot of thawing to do after temperatures in the single numbers and below zero to start last week. Saturday’s rainstorm brought from three-quarters to an inch and a half of rain to the area, ponding water over ice and eventually melting it.

Today, with the above average temperatures near 50 degrees, outside plans (like taking down the decorations) might occupy your time.

The weather seems in a better mood for the next few days, with a minor warmup for Monday into the lower 50’s, and about that range for Tuesday, with a shower or two. By midweek, it is colder around here, but only average cold – near 40 degrees.

Those horribly frigid temperatures of early last week have been banished to time out…for now.


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