By John Ostapkovich

COHASSET, Mass. (CBS) — Looking for a brand new you in the New Year?  One natural health care practitioner has a blueprint that’s both old and new.

From classical Chinese medicine through modern nutrition (and with a surprising fist-bump to Einstein’s E=mc²), Mark Mincolla, PhD, says he spent 32 years assembling all the information in his new guidebook, Whole Health: A Holistic Approach to Healing for the 21st Century.

A lot of this is way out there from the perspective of mainstream Western medicine, described by Mincolla as “diagnose and prescribe.”  Mincolla focuses much more on prevention.

“When you’re looking at your checkbook and you’re balancing your bank account, far better that you prevent going broke by keeping tabs on what you’ve got going on economically,” he says by way of metaphor.  “Same thing for your health: you want to prevent it before any sort of disaster manifests.”

A lot of Mincolla’s approach has to do with diet, fine-tuned for each person through a series of do-it-yourself observations the book lays out.

But in general, he points out, healthier eating is an easy fix:

“The healthiest meal of the American public is, in general, dinner.  People may (eat) fast food at breakfast, fast food at lunch, and snacks.   So I say, if you’re having that lean meat, that chicken, turkey, or fish, baked or broiled; you’ve got your vegetables; you’ve got your baked potato…  make two of everything so you can take one to work the next day.”

That’s in keeping with one of the themes of this new mind, body, spirit lifestyle — that food can either be medicine or poison.  Choose wisely.

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