In Philly For Lacrosse Convention, Company Shines Light on Brain Injuries

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — More than 7,000 lacrosse enthusiasts from around the country are in Philadelphia this weekend for a national convention.

One new item they’ll learn about is designed to signal a bad hit to the head.

The Brain Sentry Impact Sensor is stuck on the back of a lacrosse helmet and lights up when the player has received a serious blow to the head.

(Greg Merril, holding a helmet with a Brain Sentry impact sensor installed.  Photo by Lynne Adkins)

(Greg Merril, holding a helmet with a Brain Sentry impact sensor installed.  Photo by Lynne Adkins)

Greg Merril, the company CEO, says players can just stick it on and forget about it.

“When the player experiences a really rapid acceleration to the head, the sensor will light up a bright red LED light,” he explains.  “It can be seen from at least 30 yards away, and certainly within a play or two everyone will know that player has a red light.”

The player can then be taken off the field for medical attention.

Merril says the device, which retails for about $65, helps professional and volunteer coaches spot a potential concussion easily.

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