By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This morning’s weather was nothing short of treacherous (see related story).

Even those who wore boots struggled along sidewalks that had the sheen of a skating rink.

One local store that sells products to help pedestrians on icy sidewalks has had to replenish its stock.

“We carry two different products,” says Gendler, who uses only one name and is the floor manager at I. Goldberg Army-Navy, in center city.  “One is the Microspikes, which are actual spikes but are more for trail use.  The other product we carry is the Yaktrax.  Those are coils — they are not actual spikes — so you can wear them in the city without destroying everything.  But you need to take them off before you go inside,” he added.

Both products are designed to clip onto the soles of your shoes, providing additional traction.

“We actually sell out of these (Yaktrax) a lot, especially the smaller sizes,” says Erica, who works at the checkout counter.  “They are unisex. They fit men and women’s, depending on the sizes.”

Erica says more women buy them than men, but says a lot of men come in to buy a pair for themselves after a wife or girlfriend purchases them.

The folks at I. Goldberg say they are also selling a lot of insulated boots, winter coats, and heavy gloves.  Sign of the season.

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