By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Colorado woman who was a terrorist cell colleague of “Jihad Jane” was sentenced today to eight years in prison.

Dressed in green prison clothes and wearing a black headscarf,  Jamie Paulin Ramirez wept in US District Court in Philadelphia as she told Judge Patrice Tucker that she’d made a terrible mistake and regretted every moment of her time spent in Ireland.

Ramirez, 35, had traveled to Europe in 2009 with her six-year-old son to support her husband, Ali Charaf Damache, an Algerian jihadist-in-training.

In begging for leniency, Ramirez said that Damache had physically abused the boy while indoctrinating him to the ways of killing non-Muslims.

But prosecutors countered with a home video that Ramirez took of the boy, dressed in mujahedeen garb and brandishing toy weapons, as she asked what to do to non-believers.

“Shoot and poke,” he responded.

Ramirez initially faced 15 years behind bars, but the feds decided to give Ramirez a break for helping them investigate Damache and others, including Colleen LaRose, better known as “Jihad Jane.”

LaRose, of Pennsburg, Pa., was given a ten-year prison sentence on Monday (see related story).  Damache is still in prison back in Ireland, fighting extradition to the US.


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