By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Lots of us like to feed the birds when it’s cold outside, and since winter is also ‘baking season’ as I call it, you might end up with lots of extra eggshells – and you can feed those to the birds too.

Just sterilize eggshells first, so you don’t give the birds salmonella. It’s easy – either boil them for 10 minutes or bake them in a 250º F oven for 20 minutes or so. (You can turn down the oven after baking cookies and put the eggshells in!) Then crush the shells so they’re smaller than a dime, and put them out for the birds.

The gritty shell bits help birds digest their food and provide some calcium. Blue Jays have been known to peel the paint off of houses during harsh winters, likely because many paints contain some calcium.

So, help your feathered friends and save the paint on your house. When you see a pile of eggshells in the sink – from baking or brunch – just think, it’s for the birds! And it’s another great excuse to bake more cookies…

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