By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s 2014 and there’s good news. The job market for new graduates will continue to improve according to an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Job opportunities are expected to increase 2% across all degree levels although many employers are taking a ‘”wait and see” approach because of federal budgets.

Citing the annual “Recruiting Trends” report, there will be a 24% drop in M.B.A.s with some employers hiring bachelor degree holders in technical and business fields instead. Opportunities for Ph.D.s are expected to increase 26%; however they will be out of academe. Many are being recruited by start-ups in health-science and engineering.

Average starting salaries for those with bachelor’s degrees is expected to be $39,775; for associate’s degrees, $34,878; for M.B.A.s $59,491; masters’ holders in social science $42,847; and Ph.D.s $78,860.

Fall job-seekers be alert. Companies indicate they’ll recruit this spring and if internships are offered, take them; 60% use them for screening and identifying talent.

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