By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Streets Department was busy all night and continues to plow and salt today in an effort to get roads cleared in all neighborhoods.

Philadelphia streets commissioner Dave Perri says the work of the crews, clearing major and minor arteries throughout the city, is not over yet.

“We’ve been aggressively pursuing this storm and treating the city streets,” he said this afternoon.  “We hope to have virtually all of our primary and secondary streets down to blacktop in the travel lanes, and we will continue to fight this storm all weekend long.”

Mayor Michael Nutter says all of the city’s streets will be hit at least once before this day is over.  He says street-clearing efforts will continue into Saturday, although the frigid temperatures aren’t helping.

“Temperatures  are still very, very low, and when they get into the teens, you can get as much salt as you want out there and it won’t do anything.  So it’s a combination of getting traffic, grinding that salt into the ice, as well as that plowing operation, and the city should be in pretty decent shape.”

And the mayor urged city residents not to throw snow into the streets when clearing sidewalks or shoveling out cars.

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