By Jay Lloyd

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (CBS) — With the official arrival of winter, it’s time to think of that sunshine-filled, cruising getaway.

How about a carefree cruise where you and a couple of your best friends pick your own itinerary, choose your own port stops, and stay or go as the mood strikes you?

It’s simple. This winter, try a charter sail.

You rent the boat to accommodate two, four, six, or eight people, pick your port of departure, and head out to drop anchor, moor, or dock in hundreds of exciting locations around the globe.

You’ll have to show that you or a crew member has sailing experience. But if you don’t, no problem.

“You can hire a captain,” says Scott Farquharson, an Annapolis, Md.-based yacht broker.  “You can take a captain and a chef. You can hire a fully crewed boat.”

Farquharson says you can also have the boat fully provisioned with food and drink for an entire voyage.  It’s simply a matter of how much you want to spend.

Do it yourself and a boat to accommodate four people for seven days in the Caribbean or exotic European destinations can be had for about $4,500.   To get started, try going online to “The Moorings” or “Sunsail.”

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