By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The hunt is on for a real life Grinch and his accomplice.

Police say they struck in broad daylight and stole Christmas presents, jewelry, cash and even their getaway car.

Bedroom after bedroom, from clothes to loose change and paperwork.

The burglars, it appears, left nothing untouched, even checking under the mattresses and leaving one still standing on its side.

“When I came in, the whole house was a wreck,” Ozzie Molina, the victim’s son-in-law said.

If finding their home turned upside down wasn’t bad enough, Ozzie Molina’s family then saw presents missing from underneath their Christmas tree with pieces of wrapping paper and empty boxes strewn all over the place.

“They ripped everything, jewelry, we had two laptops, two tablets, money,” Molina said.

And car keys left by the door cost the family a car as well, a dark grey 2002 Lexus IS-300 which happened to be parked just out front.

“People work hard for these gifts, they work hard for the families and unfortunately they’re doing this?” Molina said.

According to police, it happened Friday afternoon in the 4700 block of Benner Street where sources say recently several other homes have also been burglarized. We’re told in this case, the two suspects first knocked on the front door and when a neighbor started asking questions, they went around back and broke in through a window.

“C’mon, right before Christmas? No morals, these people,” Molina said.

Ozzie’s family though is now trying to make the most of their Christmas, rewrapping the gifts the thieves left behind and hoping perhaps this picture of their stolen car can lead police to the heartless thieves.

stolen car

The suspects were described as two Black males who appeared to be in their late teens wearing dark hoodies. Police say they are investigating and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

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