By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ready to wrap? You can print your own rustic wrapping paper with potatoes.

I find longer potatoes are easier to hold. I cut off one end so it’s flat and prints evenly. Then, cut some simple shapes around the flat end with a sharp knife for your design – use a cookie cutter as a guide or draw free hand before you start cutting.

A Christmas tree with a triangle at the top and just a few cuts on each side is pretty easy. Or try a heart. Or maybe a snowflake. Keep designs very simple – better to make two different snowflakes and over print them on top of each other to create a more complex look – unless you’re an expert carver – which I’m not.

Put a dab of acrylic paint on a few layers of paper towels to use as a stamp pad, then dip the potato stamp in the paint – and stamp it on brown bags, blank packing paper, or plain white paper that’s sold in rolls at office stores.

You can print long sheets of paper, or wrap your presents first, and then position the stamps exactly where you want the designs to appear on each gift.

If you’ve got a potato, some paint and a paper bag, you’re ready to wrap some pretty personalized gifts.

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