By Jim Melwert

PHOENIXVILLE, Pa. (CBS) — It was a frustrating morning commute today, thanks to the quick-hitting snowstorm that covered the region.

Judging by the number of cars on the road at the height of rush hour, people either got an early start or stayed home.

But for people who were on the roads, the sometimes blinding snow caused a lot of problems.

“I don’t mind driving in it,” said Kathy Hogga, who was among those heading out to work.  “I mean, it’s just other people.  Coming home I’m not sure.”

There were quite a few spinout accidents across the region, as the snow was immediately sticking, covering untreated and sometimes even treated surfaces within minutes.

The hills of Route 23 proved quite an obstacle for many cars.  For Phillip, his commute typically takes 20 minutes.  But today, an hour into it, he pulled off the road.

“Terrible,” he said.   “I’m debating if I want to try to continue or not.  (I’ve) seen too many cars spin out or get stuck on the side of the road.”

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