By Dan Wing and Diana Rocco

NORRISTOWN, Pa., (CBS) — Ready or not, more snow is likely on its way to the Philadelphia area Tuesday morning. But unlike Sunday, when snow plows and salt trucks were caught off guard by some bad forecasts, PennDOT says they will be ready to roll when, and if, the flakes start falling.

Nick Martino is PennDOT’s Director of Maintenance for the Philadelphia region, and he says crews logged a lot of hours in the field during Sunday’s storm, but they still found time to prep for round two.

“So we’re recuperating. Checked our equipment. We have plenty of salt that will be in place,” Martino said.

Martino says the low temperatures forecast for the morning drive does makes things a little bit trickier.

“We know anything that comes down is going to be sticking. So we need to get the salt down early and fast,” he said.

With that in mind, Martino says crews will be well ahead of rush hour traffic.

“Our trucks will be coming out in the early a.m. rush hours. Anytime between 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. is when the snow’s coming, so you never know how that can shift earlier, so we want to be prepared. So we’ll have our full complement of 420 trucks,” he said.

Those trucks will then head out to predetermined stations and take things as they come.

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