By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–If you fly, you may be noticing some random passengers getting a stream lines security treatment. The Transportation Security Administration is changing its checkpoint process a little.

The TSA says its program called “TSA Pre Check” has been in effect since October 2011, but only for certain frequent fliers and those in the Custom and Border Protection Global Entry program.

This October, TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis says passengers started being picked randomly for the quicker security check in and she says travelers can apply to get it every time if they want to.

“We’ll be opening more and more enrollment centers in the coming months, and passengers will be able to visit the enrollment center and provide a little bit of information as well as an 85-dollar fee for five years, if they want to enroll in the program.”

That little bit of information includes name, address, date of birth and fingerprints. For that, you get to go through security without taking off your shoes, your belt, your coat, and get to keep your laptop and toiletries in your bag.

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