By Steve Patterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–A new phone scam has police shaking their heads.

The scam primarily uses terror in an attempt to try and shake down innocent people.

In the past 48 hours at least two cases have been reported using the same ingredients: intimidation, fear and desperation.

Thanks to police, cooler heads are prevailing but the incident is traumatic and it’s turning into a rash.

One of the scams a phone call that lasted all of seven minutes.

The victim says, “It felt like an eternity.”

But it only took seven minutes and one line to shatter this Radnor Township woman’s sense of security and logic.

“He said I’m going to shoot his [expletive] head off.”

Yesterday morning while having coffee with a friend, a man with a thick accent and an abrasive, relentless tone told the woman he had her brother an execution was next if she didn’t follow his instructions.

“My hands were shaking so bad.”

The man told her to drive to the bank and wire $2,000 from her account immediately.

She says her brother was out hunting and hadn’t checked in, so it seemed plausible and the panic took over.

“Just talking about it now puts me back in the situation.”

Lt. Andy Block, who is handling the case, advises, “It’s a phone scam in order to milk money out of an innocent victim.”

He says there was another case in Radnor this morning.

“It’s disgusting that people would be out there preying on innocent victims.”

Police are putting alerts and the message is clear, “If you ever get this type of call and they want money wired and you don’t know who the person is or where it’s going do not follow through with it – call police.”

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