PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – This off-season for the Phillies says at least one thing about the thought of the front office: they still believe in the current core of the team.

The team re-signed catcher Carlos Ruiz for three years, signed 36 year-old Marlon Byrd for two years, re-signed Kevin Frandsen, and tendered contracts so far to Kyle Kendrick, Jon Mayberry Jr., and Antonio Bastardo. There could be a big move on the way, but so far, it looks like the strategy is to add to what’s already here, and not tear anything down.

Ace Cole Hamels may think a different approach may be necessary.

“You have to know when to start over,” Hamels told Rich Rys of Philly Magazine. “Will our fans be happy with that? Probably not. We won’t win 100 games next season. But with another wild card, we can definitely get into the playoffs.”

The Phillies finished 81-81 in 2012, and 73-89 in 2013. For the Phillies to improve and make the playoffs in 2014, they’ll be counting on a core that is largely north of 30 years-old to extend or improve on recent seasons.

Hamels says the lack of success last year led to some clubhouse discomfort.

“The energy in the clubhouse changed,” he said. “It used to be all high fives. This season, there weren’t as many high fives. There was a lot of bitterness, pointing fingers — ‘You haven’t played well in a week, why weren’t you in here early?’”

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