Study: Childless At 35? It Could Be Your Job

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Childless at 35? You may want to blame your job.

According to a new Australian study, women who are “casually employed” are much more likely to be childless by their mid-thirties than those with job security.

“Casually employed,” in this case, means working temporary jobs, and the findings were similar across all socioeconomic groups.

Scientists found that just one year of casual work made women 8% less likely to become a mother by 35; women who worked five years in temporary jobs were one-third less likely.

The researchers say their findings directly contradict the popular notion that women are delaying childbirth because they’re increasingly educated.

Rather, it seems that women are striving for job security and financial stability before starting a family.

“Precarious employment conditions have become increasingly prevalent in recent decades in Western countries,” the researchers write, hypothesizing that labor reforms would “reduce barriers to childbearing.”

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