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By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Along with being a fragrant and important part of holiday cooking, herbs can make a nice display at the table too.

If you recently brought in the last of this year’s herb garden, you may have some still fresh and growing on the windowsill or, like me, you may have quite a few herbs you recently cut – with and without seed pods – drying in vases for use throughout the year.

The light scent of the herbs gives off a lovely aroma, plus they’re very handy.

You could have a pretty parade of herbs in vases on the table for your holiday dinner or, instead, maybe mix a few sprigs of dried and fresh herbs in with flowers to make a larger arrangement. That way, if some particularly picky guests complain that there’s not enough rosemary on the turkey or there should be more sage in the stuffing or something, you can smartly suggest with a smile that they forage their fill of that flavor from the centerpiece – instead of saying what you’re REALLY thinking when someone forgets to compliment the cook.

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