By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Much has been made of Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie’s plan for the rebuilding team, and the process that he’ll use to build that team. So far, that plan appears to (not surprisingly) be about youth and size.

According to Best Ticket’s 2013 unofficial NBA census, the Sixers are tall, big, and young. At an average of over 80 inches tall per player, the Sixers have the tallest average height in the NBA. One thing it appears the team has invested in, especially in some of their youngest players, is height and “length,” meaning wingspan. Rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams is 6’6″, with the wingspan of a player much taller.

The Sixers, unsurprisingly, are the heaviest team in the NBA, at almost 230 pounds per player. Head coach Brett Brown and Hinkie have stressed fitness in their players, but when you’ve got the tallest team, it stands to reason that you’d also have the heaviest team. Also, when you have Kwame Brown, it stands to reason you’d have the heaviest team.

Finally, and not surprisingly, the Sixers are tied for the youngest team in the NBA (with Cleveland), at 23.8 years-old per player.

Whatever the plan is so far, it appears to be working, as the Sixers have won four of their first seven games, when many expected they might not win four games by the end of the year.

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