PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Eagles have lost ten straight games at home. DeSean Jackson would like that streak to end on Sunday against Washington, but would like a little help from the fans.

“We gotta get it going. We gotta get back in the swing of things at home. Our fans deserve it, things like that,” Jackson said after the Eagles win over the Packers. “So, hopefully, we can collect something together, figure out what it is and just win in front of our home fans. But, gotta be supported by everybody. Can’t be coming into the game, first quarter, getting boos and all that type of stuff already. You just got to work with us throughout the games.”

Football Hall of Fame broadcaster was a guest of the 94WIP Morning Show on Monday, and was having none of Jackson’s comments.

“I don’t accept that, I never accept that,” Didinger said of former Governer Ed Rendell’s comments that the Eagles play more poorly at home because of the crowd being tough on the team. “You don’t blame the fans because you’ve lost ten games in a row at home. It’s up to [the players], the same people who are in these seats, you haven’t had as much turnover as the people in the seats. The people in the seats have been there for four generations. And they’re the same people in the seats who gave you maybe the greatest home field advantage in the NFL back a few years ago when you were really a good team. That’s what people are responding to. It’s not their fault that you can’t win a game at home. I reject that out of hand, I think that’s a cop out, I think that’s weak, I think that’s reaching for excuses.”

The Eagles were booed in the first quarter of their last home loss, an ugly 15-7 affair against the Giants, that saw the Eagles send out a hobbled Michael Vick, who was followed by a mostly ineffective Matt Barkley.

Listen to Didinger’s rant on Rendell and DeSean Jackson:

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