By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Can a white person sue for race discrimination?

In what could be the hollowest of hollow victories, Paula Deen, who has already lost in the court of public opinion, recently WON in a court of law.

The racial discrimination claims in the lawsuit against her – the part of the lawsuit that first brought her use of racial slurs to light – was thrown out.

Paula Deen won.

Why? Didn’t she use those slurs? Even she admits she did. But the person who filed the lawsuit was white.

Here’s the thing. A person of any race can bring a claim of race discrimination. So a white person can argue that she was the victim of race discrimination. But only if she personally faced discrimination because of her race. So, if she had lost a job because the employer favored someone of a different race, she’d have a claim.

But Paula Deen’s ex-employee never claimed she was treated worse because she’s white. She only claimed she was offended by the racial slurs she heard used against others. And the law doesn’t protect you just because you were offended.

So, the ex-employee proved her claims but lost her case. Paula Deen won her case but lost her empire. No wonder everyone hates lawyers.

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