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Sixers Longshot Odds To Win… Everything

Lebron James at the Heat are favorites to win it all again (credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Lebron James at the Heat are favorites to win it all again (credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Rebuilding is the kind word for it, tanking is the word most people use, but they’re both words that indicate one specific thing about this year’s Sixers: they’re going to lose, a lot.

The final odds for the NBA season from Bovada came out today, and it’s fair to say that the Sixers are a longshot to win just about everything.

The Sixers, along with the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings are 300/1 to shots to win this year’s NBA title. The longest shot goes the Charlotte Bobcats and Orlando Magic, both 500/1. Unsurprisingly, the Miami Heat are the favorites to win the NBA title at 2/1, followed by the Bulls at 11/2 and the Thunder at 17/2.

The Sixers are 150/1 to win the Eastern Conference, again trailed by the Bobcats and Magic at 250/1.

The Sixers are 100/1 to win the Atlantic Division, while the Brooklyn Nets are the favorites at 4/7.

The Sixers have the lowest over/under in the NBA at 16.5 games.

Total Over/Under Lines from Bovada (Previous on the left, current on the right)

Miami Heat                                61½                                          61½     
Los Angeles Clippers                57                                             56½
Chicago Bulls                            56½                                          56½
San Antonio Spurs                    55½                                          55½
Houston Rockets                      54½                                          54½
Indiana Pacers                          54½                                          54½
Brooklyn Nets                           52½                                          52½
Golden State Warriors               51½                                          51½
Oklahoma City Thunder              51½                                          52½
Memphis Grizzlies                     50½                                          50½
New York Knicks                       49½                                          48½
Denver Nuggets                        46                                             45½
Dallas Mavericks                       43½                                          43½
Minnesota Timberwolves            41                                             41½
Cleveland Cavaliers                   40                                             40½
Detroit Pistons                          40                                             40½
Atlanta Hawks                           39½                                          39½
New Orleans Pelicans                39                                             39½
Washington Wizards                  39                                             40½
Portland Trailblazers                  38½                                          38½
Los Angeles Lakers                   36½                                          36½
Toronto Raptors                        35½                                          36½
Sacramento Kings                     31                                             31½
Milwaukee Bucks                       29                                             28½
Boston Celtics                          27½                                          27½
Charlotte Bobcats                     26                                             26½
Utah Jazz                                  25                                             25½
Orlando Magic                          24                                             23½
Phoenix Suns                            21                                             19½
Philadelphia 76ers                     17                                             16½